Dieselboys’ Human imprint returns to center stage with an impressive two-track release from the Bay Area’s Omen.

Dark and twisted vibes reign supreme on “Bend” with just the right amount of OG breakbeat work keeping the tech-stepping flavor hitting on all cylinders. With a hypnotic swirling atmosphere and subtle bongo-flex working in concert with an ever-shifting call and response between the layers, this one’s sure to have the chin-strokers and speaker-freakers alike putting on their best bass face.

On the flip is “Arrival” which continues to showcase Omen’s impressive ability to conjure up a sweeping atmospheric vibe but does so with a touch more hypnotism. While the dark edges keep things grinding, there’s no denying this one dives deeper into the melancholia of a half-remembered dream. The slow churn of the cut and the haunting vocal hook that glides over the proceedings make for a proper introduction to Omen as we’re already eager to hear more from this fresh face on the scene.

This one’s out now on Human so lock your download or stream in and prepare to be swept away.