The Brazilian master of minimal drum and bass known as Dunk surfaces on San Diego’s own Organized Grime Recordings with a whopping five-track EP that doesn’t disappoint.

The title track, “Boomerang,” offers a glimpse at the low-slung swerving grooves that Dunk is capable of while chunky cuts like “New Babylon,” “Abracadabra” and “Diablo” drive it all home. One of our favorites off the EP is “Ego Trip” that brings on the shivering top end and interlaces it with the mental percussive elements for a hypnotic ride worth rewinding for another go.

All tunes deliver a solid subwoofer workout so expect to feel the full power of these heaters on a proper soundsystem! For now, check the flex below as this one’s out now so be sure to lock yours in here.